Teaching stuff

In this page I provide links to all stuff I have taught and where I have material available. My goal is to provide it as complete as possible with slides and recorded lectures. However, in 40 years lots of stuff disappear and only gathering available stuff together from different sources is a huge task. The stuff is ordered partly according to courses, partly according general interest and education.

Course in scientific method at the master level

E-myndigheten och offentlig förvaltning

E-services in the network economy

Informatikens historia och framtid

Verksamhetsprocesser del 1 (in Swedish)

Verksamhetsprocesser del 2 (in Swedish)

Key Readings in Informatics (partly in Swedish)

Universitetsväsendets uppkomst (Swedish)

Various lectures

Kurs i datakunskap för Tärby fritidsförening och TKF



Granåsskolan, Vargön

Tal om informatikens 9 milstolpar

Översyn av informatikutbildning

10 milestones in information systems 

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